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1. What level of security Lankan Kapuwa has it for its users?
Please refer the clause number (02) .Personal information security and protection in Privacy Policy.

2. Does Lankan Kapuwa a Dating site or a matchmaking site ?
Lankan Kapuwa is a Secured dating and matchmaking platform with rich dating features innovative approach for matching where ever you in the world

3. If I need to find someone in a different Geographical area or a country what do I need to do?
If you need your matches from different countries you need to click the distance field as unimportant (About My Match) and save the changes then it will automatically show matches in different countries.

4. How can I find a partner closer to my area?
Once you unticked the distance is Unimportant, (About My Match) the system allows you to put the distance in miles and it will provide your matches with that proximity.

5. Do you share personal information with other members.
When we transmit personal information in the framework of the provision of the service to other members, this is only in connection with the user name you choose. Under no circumstances do we share with other members direct contact information (such as your name, your Contact number, or your e-mail address). Communication at LANKANKAPUWA is exclusively done via your internal mailbox so that you can decide for yourself to whom you disclose your contact details. Some personal information that you specified when creating your LANKANKAPUWA profile are always visible to other registered users. These personal information include age, gender, height, ethnicity, religion, occupation, smoking habits . Please refer the clause number (03) Collection, processing and use of personal information at LANKANKAPUWA in privacy Policy for more detailed explanation.

6. Does my mobile number/email / Full name visible to other members?
Mobile number you provide will not be visible to other members and it will be used only for the verification purposes if needed. E mail address will not be visible or shared and it will be used for verification and admin purposes only. Username will be visible to the other members but the full name will not be visble to any member.

7. How can I cancel/ delete my account?
You may cancel by logging into your account, Dashboard, then my date field, and click deletion.

8. Can I deactivate my membership for a certain period of time?
Your account when it is switched off. (How to switch off matching temporary- under the profile name go to view profile and select only me) your profile will not be suggested to any other members and at the same time you do not get any partner suggestions, Account under name, drop down, Mail Notifications Change settings.

9. How can I get in touch with another member?
Any paid member can initiate the chat using the internal massaging system and Premium members have the facility of making video calls.

10. How can I find best matches for me?
We always recommend you to provide the most recent and accurate information in detail. The detail information you provide about the life style and the information you provide in ABOUT MY MATCH section are very important for you to find your best match.

11. Can we report a user for an unacceptable behavior?
There is a Block Profile system in the software. If a member is annoyed by another member he/she can easily block the other. IP block feature for Admin. A Site Administrator will have a possibility to block a member IP right via Admin Panel. Report system. Members will be able to send reports on the suspicious photos, videos, profiles, even the comments left. All the reports will come to Admin Approval.

12. What is the best way for contacting the Admin?
All the inquired sent to will be attended.

13. How can I cancel my automatic renewal of membership.
If you are a paid Member and If you paid with PayPal, then you can cancel your recurring subscription by logging to your PayPal account. With stripe, users will need to contact Admin and Admin will cancel recurring subscription manually. You need to inform 3 days (72 hours) before the date of renewal of the subscription. If you cancel your paid membership less than 3 days (72 hours) before the expiry of the term of your paid Membership, YOUR PAID MEMBERSHIP WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THESE TERMS & CONDITIONS Cancellation of your automatic renewals should be sent to

14. If I cancel the paid membership before the end of the period will I get a refund back?
Cancellation of the automatic renewal of your paid Membership– you may cancel automatic renewal at any time and enjoy our Services until the end of the paid term but no money will be refunded.

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